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A new direction

I have taught 3ds max game art for some time now. So it is time for something new. And more.. not only 3ds max, but also some lessons and assignments with sketching, silhouetting and creating artwork. You can find the slides on Concepting from ICA – HAN

Kitbashing 101 [EN]

Just before the start of the new school year myself and two colleagues went to Koln for the Game Developers Conference. I attended a seminar about the Concept Art Learnings From Game Of Thrones To… Games! “Using his work for HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series as an example, Karakter’s …

3DS max les 2, de waterton

Les 2 van het semester GameArt 3D, maak een waterton in 3D en texture deze via een uvw unwrap. In deze tutorial behandel ik lowpoly modeleren op vertex niveau. Verder komt aan bod; inset, extrude en bevel. Zie bovenstaande video tutorial voor uitleg over het 3D gedeelte, zorg zelf voor …